Jerry E Durack, Nudgee College, 1893

Jerry E Durack graduated in 1899 in Arts with First Class Honours in Mathematics and Physics, Sydney’s first Double First. He took a post as a Demonstrator in Physics at the university and he was Maths Tutor at St John’s College at the university.

In 1900 he was granted a Queen Victoria Travelling Scholarship to England to research in Physics. He published papers on radioactivity which were ‘specially recognised’ by Cambridge University. In 1904 he was appointed Lecturer in Physics in London. Spectacularly he justified all Brother Treacy’s labours and trials to establish his College on Nudgee Mound. He had taken the archetypal Irish-Australian boy from the Bush and shown him the vision from the heights. It was Durack’s talent and spirit which took him so far, but Nudgee gave him his chance. Parents from the most remote areas had cause to believe Nudgee could give their sons, too, opportunity and faith.