A living history and an enduring tradition

Reflecting on the shared GPS history and traditions of the nine Member Schools, presents a great opportunity to consider what being part of the GPS means to each school community, and to each generation. It also offers the chance to recognise the many outstanding GPS students who have grown into remarkable people, and to celebrate the GPS Spirit of Fellowship that goes well beyond the school gates, and often lasts a lifetime.

GPS history is a ‘living history’ and we will be proud to build on this foundation, as our history continues to grow at every GPS sporting fixture and every cultural event.

In these GPS history pages we celebrate our shared history as we look forward together, towards an exciting future.

GPS Centenary – 100 Years Strong

2018 marked the one hundredth anniversary of the Foundation of the Great Public Schools’ Association of Queensland.

The Centenary provided an unrivaled opportunity for the whole GPS community to come together in a year of reflection and celebration, entitled GPS 100.

Highlights from GPS 100 have been preserved as a tribute to a wonderfully unifying and energising GPS Centenary Year.

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GPS Spirit of Fellowship

“GPS Spirit of Fellowship” celebrates the courage, determination, commitment, team work and respect that has united the nine Member Schools since The GPS Association’s foundation in 1918.

GPS 100 Years Strong

“GPS 100 Years Strong” brings together members of the GPS community past and present to celebrate the values that have made GPS 100 Years Strong.