Clem Jones, Anglican Church Grammar School, 1927-1934

Clem Jones was the 8th Lord Mayor of Brisbane (1961-1975)

A surveyor by profession, he was the longest serving Lord Mayor of Brisbane. He successfully led the council to develop a town plan, seal roads, improve drainage and connect sewers to most of the city. Chairman of the Darwin Reconstruction Commission in 1975 to guide the rebuilding of the city of Darwin after its near destruction by Cyclone Tracy. Established FoodBank Queensland in 1995, which helps to fund the school breakfast program. A successful businessman and philanthropist. Served as curator of the Brisbane Cricket Ground and even prepared a pitch for a test match. Awarded Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order of Australia on 26 January 1976 for distinguished service of a high degree in the fields of public service and local government. Awarded the Australian Sports Medal on 14 July 2000 as Life member QCA and long term administrator Awarded the Centenary Medal on 1 January 2001 for distinguished service to local government and the community. 2009 Inductee to the QLD Business Leaders Hall of Fame.